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Bio Pac, Inc. is a family-run cleaning products company with wonderful customers who use our biodegradable detergents and soaps because they work great, use refillable containers, and are formulated for the chemically sensitive.  We focus on providing environmentally safe cleaning products found in natural food stores nationwide.

Our family is passionate about the environment, local communities, and personal health. Our biodegradable cleaning products are super concentrated, contain no animal ingredients and are never tested on animals. Bio Pac, Inc. donates a percentage of our profits to groups involved in wilderness and watershed preservation.

Please note: Bio Pac laundry and dish wash liquids contain sodium compounds and are not suitable for grey water systems.

Can I order product on your Website?

We no longer sell directly on our website due to shipping issues. We have our Oasis products on Amazon and are planning to place the Bio Pac laundry and dish products on Amazon soon.

Where to Find Bio Pac & Oasis

We apologize, but we do not have a store list at this time. We sell to distributors who sell to stores across the country. If you email asking where to purchase our products, we will tell you to ask your local store to carry our products.


The Bio Pac and Oasis products are sold on Amazon. Please use the links below for the product you wish to order.

Distribution Issues

We are having distribution problems in some areas. If your store no longer carries Bio Pac. it is because one of our distributors, UNFI, has dropped our product in some of their warehouses. All we can recommend is you ask the store to bring the product back in. With enough demand, UNFI will carry the product in all their warehouses so your store can order it. We are looking into alternative distribution so check back here for updates.