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The History of Bio Pac, Inc. by Founder Collin Harris:

In 1990, while volunteering at a recycling center in Maine, I was shocked by all the cleaning product containers that ended up as waste. I had the idea to create a line of biodegradable cleaning products sold in refillable containers so the containers could be reused instead of just recycled. After much research and design, stores began selling our first bulk cleaning products in the Spring of 1991. Much to my delight, the products did very well. I began to market the concept to natural food stores all around the country resulting in hundreds of stores now selling Bio Pac cleaning products nationwide.

In June of 1996, Bio Pac acquired Oasis Biocompatible Cleaners, a line of biocompatible cleaning products. Biocompatible means the washwater (greywater) from Oasis products can be used to safely water plants. Oasis is the next step beyond biodegradability and we are very excited about the line.

Today, Bio Pac is a family-run business with a loyal following of customers and stores who swear by our biodegradable soaps and detergents. We’ve specifically formulated our products for the chemically sensitive and people who simply want products that are as pure as possible. Thank you for using our cleaning products, and please give them a try if you haven’t already. I hope you join the Bio Pac family as we work to preserve the environment by offering the most responsible products possible.

Picture of the Bio Pac Family

Bio Pac is Run by the Harris Family

Why You Should Use Bio Pac Cleaners

  • Our Bulk Bio Pac products are packaged in refillable containers. Recycling is one answer to plastic waste, but refilling an existing container is an excellent idea. Once these bottles wear out, usually after hundreds of re-uses, they can be ground down and made into recycled bottles. A recent study found that 95% of the ecological impact of laundry and dish products was not the cleaning product, but the packaging!
  • All our products are biodegradable. We do not use dyes or optical brighteners in our products and we carefully select our ingredients to be biodegradable. Bio Pac does not test on animals
  • Our products are clearly labeled. Instead of friendly sounding ingredient names with no information, Bio Pac gives you the actual chemical name of the ingredient.
  • Our products are concentrated and work great. You’ll be amazed at just how well a cleaner formulated to be environmentally safe can work.
  • Bio Pac donates a percentage of its profits to Wilderness preservation. We directly support groups who are actively promoting wilderness preservation such as: NRDC, Earth Island Institute, Conservation InternationalFeather River Land Trust, RESTORE:The North Woods, The Sierra Club, The Wilderness Society, The Nature Conservancy and many more. In addition, we support social justice organizations like The Southern Poverty Law Center, ACLU, Doctors Without Borders
  • Our Oasis line of products is fully biocompatible. This means you can use the resulting greywater to water your plants. The product actually breaks down into valuable plant nutrients. Oasis cleaners are suitable for both greywater, septic and municipal sewerage systems.

Where to Buy Bio Pac Cleaners

If you are a retail store, you can purchase our products from your local distributors. Not all distributors carry all products, so call us direct for any special orders. If you are a retail customer, your local health food store probably carries Bio Pac or can order it for you.