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Options for Returning Empty Containers

Until further notice, we can no longer issue UPS call tags for retailers.

UPS has become too expensive, so we can no longer afford to use them.  Individual customers can return empty cases of bottles via the USPS. But due to high shipping costs, even this option is becoming too expensive, often costing almost $20.00 to send 6 containers! Please do not send these via United Parcel Service!

Please contact us if you have any questions. Thanks for participating!


It’s been frustrating experience with the distributors. It wasn’t that long ago, I had good participation from my distributors. When they picked up new product, they were dropping off empty containers we could refill and it made sense. Since the great consolidation in the industry, the remaining distributors are only interested in profit and “green slogans” but not interested in actually doing anything.

Without the distributor participation, the individual customer becomes responsible which due to the high shipping costs just is not working. We actually still get containers back, but nothing like we used to.

Individual Customers:

All payments effective Mar 1, 2007 will only be made to a Paypal account.

We do not have drop off locations.

Due to the very high cost of shipping now, you may think twice about sending back containers through the mail. It can cost almost $25.00 to send 6 plastic bottles and we can only reimburse $5.00 of this! Again, the maximum reimbursement is $5.00 or $5.00/case.

Example: You send 14 gallon bottles to us. Your reimbursement would be:
2 cases @ $5.00 plus 1/3 case or 1.67 for a total of $10.67. Unfortunately, it may have cost you $50.00 to send this to us.

If you still really want to send back the containers…

For those of you who can, please email us ( a picture of your receipt (or fax to (866) 628-1662). Upon receipt we will send your payment via Paypal. Please go to Paypal to set up an account if you have not done so already.

There are no deposits on the empty containers and we only pay up to $5.00 of the actual shipping costs. We apologize for our low reimbursement, but we have not raised our prices in many years and shipping just keeps getting more expensive every year.

You can return Bio Pac empty gallon and five gallon containers back to Bio Pac as follows:

Five gallon jugs:

Please send at least four-five gallon jugs in their original shipping boxes via USPS to:

Bio Pac, Inc.
Webco Warehousing
420 W. Main St.
Dudley, MA 01571

You can tape the shipping boxes together to make a complete package containing four jugs. The maximum reimbursement is $7.50.

In addition, send us a letter with the receipt enclosed with the amount you have paid for shipping to:

Bio Pac, Inc.

PO Box 5288 ===> Do Not Return container here!

Incline Village, NV 89450

One Gallon Jugs

Send at least six individual gallon containers to:

Bio Pac, Inc.
Webco Warehousing
420 W. Main St.
Dudley, MA 01571

Follow the above directions for sending us proof of shipping. The maximum reimbursement is $5.00. DO NOT SEND THE CONTAINERS UPS AS WE WILL NOT REIMBURSE YOU FOR SHIPPING!!!