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Where to Buy Bio Pac Cleaners
If you are a retail store, you can purchase our products from your local distributors. Not all distributors carry all products, so call us direct for any special orders. If you are a retail customer, your local health food store probably carries Bio Pac or can order it for you.

Safety Concerns

Naturally, you want to keep these products out of the reach of small children.

Powdered Products

If your child ingests the automatic dish, non-chlorine bleach or laundry powder, you need to take them immediately for emergency care and have them checked by a physician. The auto dish and non-chlorine bleach powder will cause a burning sensation due to their caustic ingredients.

Liquid Products
Again, it’s the rare person who likes the taste of these products as they all have a heavy soap taste. Again, call your physician and explain the situation. You may experience discomfort, diarrhea vomiting and stomach discomfort depending on the amount ingested.

We receive allot of questions about ingredients. We have information about the ingredients in our products on our website. Some general notes. Our products are not considered organic. They are made from organic chemicals, but organic used in the natural product industry and the term organic used in Chemistry are very different. Organic chemistry is the chemistry of carbon. Organic means food raised without pesticides, etc. Obviously cleaning products do not really fall into this category as all cleaning products are made from petroleum sources.

Bio Pac's Liquid Laundry Detergents are Safe for HE Laundry Machines

Our Liquid Detergents are HE Safe

High Efficiency Washers
Our liquid laundry products are suitable to use in the new high efficiency washers. Use 1/2 as much as you normally would in a regular washer.

Using the Dish Liquid as an Automatic Dish Powder
This is a big no-no!! The dish liquid is not designed to be used in an automatic dishwasher!!! It will foam right out of your dishwasher and all over your floor. If this happens to you, dump salt over the suds in the dishwasher and this will bring the suds level way down.