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Are You Chemically Sensitive?

When I accidentally walk down the cleaning product aisle of my regular supermarket, my eyes begin to water and the smell is so intense I end up running away from the area as fast as I can. Although I have never been tested for chemical sensitivity, the intense fragrances and volatile chemicals used in most cleaning products are quite noxious to me and make me feel ill. I can certainly smell them right through the packaging. Another woman I know used to have constant rashes from her laundry detergent and never knew the reason until she was found to be sensitive to fluorescent dyes (optical brighteners) used in commercial laundry detergents.


Many of my customers have called up and said that Bio Pac was one of the few detergents they could use. Since we use no petrochemical dyes or perfumes, there are less noxious ingredients to react to. There are cases of individuals being sensitive to soaps and detergents and I would strongly recommend a visit to a qualified allergist.


Sometimes you can think you are chemically sensitive, but in fact, other factors can be at work. For example, several years back, I received a call from a woman who told me that she just started using Bio Pac ultra laundry detergent and after washing her sheets, woke up the next morning with a huge rash all over her face and neck. It took several calls to determine she had also just purchased a new feather pillow! She was allergic to her pillow!


We would be very interested in any incidents of sensitivities you have experience and would appreciate an e-mail.