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Ultra concentrated, Powerful cleaning products, free of petroleum distillates, dyes, perfumes and chlorine that really clean and are a Great Value too.

Our Goal

The original goal of Bio Pac, Inc. was to make cleaning products in refillable containers to show how a sustainable way of packaging could really work. This concept proved to be very successful and hundreds of thousands of containers have been re-used and refilled. We now offer a full line of bulk and products packaged in recycled containers. We would like to thank all the individuals who have contributed to our success. We realize even if everybody used refillable containers, only one of many serious environmental problems would be solved. In fact, one of the reasons we came out with products in recycled bottles was to re-use our returnable containers when they became damaged. This company is an attempt to head in the right direction.

Why Refill?

The Problem
Two hundred years ago, the average family generated about three pounds of trash yearly. Today, your typical family throws away over 4,000 pound annually.

The Solution
You can purchase cleaning and personal care products from our bulk dispensing stand, our returnable one gallon jugs or in recycled plastic bottles.

Concentrated, Biodegradable Products. Our biodegradable cleaning products are concentrated so you use less. Bio Pac Ultra laundry liquid requires as little as 1/8 cup.

It’s Our Environment
It’s senseless to pollute our environment with harsh chemicals and packaging waste with the very products we use for cleaning. Now you can become part of a solution that really works.


All Bio Pac containers are returnable. Read about our return policy.


Many stores carry our bulk unit where you can return to the store and refill your container. Containers returned to Bio Pac are also refilled and sent back into distribution.


We only use 100% biodegradable surfactants (detergents) in our cleaning products. Because we list our ingredients, you can see the actual chemical name of all ingredients.


What better way to package products! Some of Bio Pac’s containers have been around hundreds of times.

Great Value

Compare the cost of our products with the brand you are using now on a cost per use basis. For example, our ultra laundry liquid does up to 128 loads.