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A corporate goal of Bio Pac, Inc. is to preserve wilderness. In the next 50 years, America must add the equivalent of 100 metro areas the size of Boston! Wilderness is under siege all over the planet and within a few hundreds years, at our present rate of gobbling up land, there will be none left. Already, our wilderness areas our being degraded, mined, harvested and not looking anything like wilderness.

Bio Pac donates a percentage its profits to groups involved in wilderness preservation. We believe this to be the most pressing issue of our time. Every year in America there are at least one million new housing starts, not to mention shopping centers, schools, churches, commercial centers, etc. Each of these new construction takes up more and more of the surrounding country side.

Our solution? Build up, not out. Make it against the law to develop any new land. Revitalize the cities and make huge apartment complexes where all the necessities of life are close by to eliminate automobiles.