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Biodegradable and Concentrated Dishwashing Liquids

Our concentrated line of biodegradable dishwashing products leave your dishes sparkling clean without leaving a harmful chemical residue behind. Our Bio Pac dishwashing products are biodegradable, gentle on hands, concentrated, and formulated for the chemically sensitive.

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  • Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid – A concentrated dishwashing liquid that is tough on grease and gentle on your hands. Our dishwashing liquid can also be used in the wash for delicate items. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IN AN AUTOMATIC DISHWASHER!! IT WILL CREATE A HUGE FOAMY MESS ALL OVER YOUR FLOOR!
  • Oasis Biocompatible All Purpose Cleaner/Dishwash – Great for greywater! For hand dishwashing, general cleaning and hand soap. Ideal for camping and travel, it can also be used for hand laundry or (at low dilution) body soap or shampoo. The special formula has no sodium salts.
  • Automatic Dish Powder – Finally a chlorine free automatic dish powder that really works, even in hard water. This product no longer contains phosphates and if you have hard water, we do not recommend the use of this product. It will leave a white film on your dishes. If you do get a film, it can be removed with vinegar.

Where can you buy Bio Pac’s biodegradable dishwashing products? Ask your local natural food store to carry Bio Pac products!