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Ordering Our Cleaning Products

The Oasis products are now available on Amazon
Oasis Biocompatible All Purpose/Dish
Oasis Biocompatible Laundry

Please note:: Oasis products are only sold through stores or through Amazon and are NOT sold directly from Bio Pac, Inc.

Bio Pac products can only be shipped directly to East Coast addresses.

We also encourage you to order cases directly from your local natural food store since it may cost less than ordering from us directly (due to expensive shipping) and it is good for the store. Most stores will give you a discount for ordering full cases.

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The best way to purchase Bio Pac and Oasis cleaning products is in a store near you. We strongly believe in supporting local communities. Shopping for our products at local store is good for your local economy and reduces packaging and transportation waste.

We realize that our products are not carried everywhere (yet!) so please ask your local natural food store to carry our products. Most natural food stores in the United States can order a case for you from their distributor, UNFI. Sorry, we do not offer our products internationally.